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Butterfly Learnings is one of India’s Top Child Developmental Therapy Chain.

We aim to raise awareness and develop a society where every child is valued and respected, irrespective of social and behavioral differences.

At Butterfly Learnings, we offer evidence-based solutions for children struggling with developmental and behavioral issues.

Butterfly Learnings Centers in Mumbai

Butterfly Learnings has numerous centers in Mumbai that offer help and support to address all worries about your child's developmental and behavioral issues. We work closely with children facing intellectual and developmental issues, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy.

We provide family-centered practices and solutions to help your child improve through our intervention programs. Our centers in Mumbai are situated in convenient locations such as Thane, Panvel, Bandra, and more, making it easy for children and their families to travel to and from.

Our therapy centers in Mumbai are supported by a diverse team of compassionate therapists, shadow teachers, and pediatricians skilled at handling children with developmental disabilities. Therapists at Butterfly Learnings customize treatment plans to cater to each child's uniqueness.

Child Developmental Issues We Solve
at Butterfly Learnings Centers in Mumbai

Child developmental issues include delays in achieving developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, etc., displaying abnormal growth and development patterns, learning challenges, and intellectual issues.

These concerns can be a nightmare for parents, and Butterfly Learnings is here to support you and your child in overcoming these.

We provide comprehensive and multi-disciplinary intervention methods to tackle developmental disorders in children.

We believe that early intervention always produces more effective results, so our programs are curated to the needs of infants as well. Some of the child developmental disorders addressed at our Mumbai Learning Centers are:

Therapies Available at Our Centers

We offer several therapies at our Butterfly Learnings Centers to support children struggling with developmental issues to reach achieve their best, regardless of their capabilities.

ABA Therapy:

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a one-on-one therapy conducted by our therapist. Caters to the needs of children with autism or challenging behaviors. It is designed to meet the requirements of children who have autism or exhibit challenging behaviors. The objective is to teach skills for daily life, enhance language and communication, and support the child in socializing.

Speech Therapy:

At Butterfly Learnings Centers in Mumbai, our Speech therapy program deals with various communication disorders and challenges,including stuttering or stammering, articulation issues, fluency and voice problems, swallowing and feeding issues, and many more. Our trained speech-language pathologists a promote clearer communication in children and enhances language comprehension and expression.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy addresses a broad spectrum of difficulties associated with motor skills, sensory processing, and daily tasks. Our OT therapist aids children in improving fine motor coordination and developing independence in daily activities like dressing as well as boosting attention and problem-solving skills, etc.

Other Notable Services at Butterfly Learnings

Aimed at helping children with various developmental and behavioral needs, we offer many more services, such as:

Shadow Teacher:

At Centers of Butterfly Learnings in Mumbai, we provide expert shadow teacher services to children troubled with learning disabilities. Our trained teachers can spot various learning disabilities and create teaching methods customized to the learning styles of the child in academic tasks like reading and writing.

Developmental Pediatricians:

Our developmental-behavioral pediatricians associate closely with families and parents of children struggling with developmental and behavioral issues. They detect some common disorders, such as ADHD, Autism, and social interaction issues, and provide expert care. Developmental pediatrics offers guidance in analyzing and managing learning disabilities, emotional outbursts, or deficiencies in a child's growth and development.

Child Psychologist:

We have an experienced team of child psychologists trained to understand and support children and their families facing emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges. Our psychologists use various therapies and evaluations to help children cope with mental health conditions and communication skills, improving their overall quality of life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a one-on-one therapy session aimed at tackling the behavioral challenges of children. It can also address various other health conditions, including Autism, anger management and raises the confidence level of the child.

My child has a behavioral disorder. Can treatments and therapies cure this?

Behavioral disorders are typically non-curable, but they can be effectively controlled with proper and timely age-appropriate therapy interventions. The choice of treatments and therapies varies between children and the severity of their disorder.

What causes behavioral disorders in children?

Behavioral issues can arise from physiological and environmental factors. Some factors that can cause behavioral issues include brain injury, genetic mutations, abusive family, poverty and malnutrition, premature birth, parents smoking or drugs, etc.

How do I know if my child has behavioral disorders?

Most children throw mild tantrums and get upset for various reasons. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a behavioral disorder. If you are unsure about their repeated unusual activities, then consult with a board-certified therapist from a reputed organization to help analyze the child. At Butterfly Learnings, our therapist will conduct a series of observations of your child and collect more information regarding the child’s behavior from parents, caretakers, etc. Then, we come up with the report and therapy plans to empower the child.

Why choose Butterfly Learnings?

Butterfly Learnings is a reliable organization that deals with behavioral and developmental problems in children. We have compassionate and skilled professionals, including pediatricians, psychologists, and therapists, who are excellent at handling different issues in children. We prioritize the development of personalized treatment plans and always collaborate with family for better outcomes. Our center is equipped with resources exclusively designed to support children's development.

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