Quality Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) Certification

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The Qualified Applied Behaviour Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA) operates to offer the best possible care for people with autism spectrum disorders and related difficulties, while also empowering behavioural interventionists. Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT®️) is an entry-level behavioral analyst who would provide direct instructional care to the children, and implement daily instruction and behavioral intervention plans as designed by a master's level or above professional.

For all the professionals interested in gaining behavioural health credentials as Accredited Behavior Analysts you can participate in approved practices in analyzing applied behavior and unification with practices that have proven their effectiveness with scientific evidence.

We offer 40 hours of intense training in applied behavioural analysis at Butterfly Learnings. This course will help you learn how to apply evidence-based strategies to support children with ASD in various settings.

QABA certification process
The process required for QABA certification:

  1. Ensure educational qualifications are in line with the course requirements.
  2. Complete the mandatory 40-hour course by Butterfly Learnings.
  3. Fulfil the QABA documentation requirements.
  4. Enrol and appear for the QABA exam.

Internationally accredited QABA Board approved, this 40-hour Qualified Behavioural Analyst course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the core knowledge of principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, behaviour assessments, teaching strategies, professional supervision, and ethics in the field.
Who QABA is for?
Enrolling in this course designed to prepare students for the QABA examination is the first step for anyone who has completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in psychology, special education, or related fields and is looking to become certified by the QABA.

The QABA certificate, which integrates theory and practice, provides access to a wide range of career options. Applied behavior analysis careers take various forms. Among you’ll find opportunities inside educational environments, hospitals, private and non-profit organizations, and residential treatment settings.

Using developed abilities, this professional treats children with behavioural problems and collaborates with others to create a plan that addresses the behaviours that interfere with their day-to-day activities.

Enrol in the course now to learn from the professionals.

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