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Welcome to Butterfly Learnings in Mumbai, one of India’s top child developmental therapy chains.

At Butterfly Learnings, we believe in the potential of every child and strive to create a society where all children are valued and respected, regardless of social and behavioral differences.

Our mission is to provide support and evidence-based solutions for children facing developmental and behavioral challenges.

About Butterfly Learnings Center

Butterfly Learnings Center has been working hard to provide a trustworthy and healthier society for children with developmental and behavioral issues over the years.

A multidisciplinary approach and the use of the latest technologies and resources make Butterfly Learnings Center the best child therapy center in Mumbai. Our skilled and certified therapists offer personalized care and customized intervention programs to each child who is a part of our center.

We have many therapy centers across Mumbai and we can provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment to grow and use their full potential.

We use evidence-based tasks and practices to ensure that your child overcomes his or her challenges to turn into a responsible adult later on.

Butterfly Learnings Center strives to provide accessible and affordable treatment interventions to children suffering from developmental and behavioral challenges. We also help educate the families of such children by providing evidence-based services and interventions.

How Can Our Autism Treatment Help?

Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder, is a group of neurological and developmental disorders that affects how a person interacts with others, communicates, learns, and behaves.

Although this condition can be diagnosed at any age, the symptoms usually start appearing within the first two or three years of life itself.

Autism means that your child could have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty in interacting with other people.
  • Trouble in understanding and using nonverbal forms of communication, like the use of facial expressions, eye contact, and gestures.
  • Delay or complete absence of language development.
  • Difficulty in understanding or making relationships.
  • Unusual or intense interests.
  • Repetitive motor behaviors, like body rocking, flapping arms, or repetitive play or speech.
  • Discomfort with any kind of change in routine.
  • Aversions to certain sensory behaviors, such as aversion to loud noises.

The different conditions that fall under the range of autism spectrum disorders include the following:

  • Asperger’s syndrome: Children suffering from this condition have average to above-average intelligence, but they face difficulties in social skills and have a small scope of interests.
  • Autistic disorder: This condition affects communication, social interactions, and play in children less than 3 years of age.
  • Childhood disintegrative disorder: Children having this type of disorder usually have normal development till at least two years of age and then tend to lose some or most of their social and communication skills.
  • Pervasive developmental disorder or atypical autism: This term is used for children who have some type of autistic behavior, such as delays in communication and social skills, but do not fit into any other category.

The severity of autism symptoms varies in each child and will determine how your child functions in day-to-day life. There is no treatment for autism, but certain behavioral interventions and therapies can help in reducing the symptoms of the condition and make the child more adaptive to the environment and people around him or her, as well as make them independent adults later on in life.

At Butterfly Learnings Center, we will prepare a holistic treatment plan for your child that focuses on all aspects of the child’s developmental and behavioral growth and improvement. It is best to start therapy for your autistic child at an early age so that the benefits of the treatment can help the child throughout his or her life.

If your child is showing symptoms of autism, you can contact our skilled therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center, who will be happy to help you. Our therapists will assess your child thoroughly and create an individual treatment plan for the child as each autistic child is different and shows different types of behaviors. 

Our therapists will offer personalized guidelines that will not just help in improving behavioral issues in your child but also help you manage your child’s condition more effectively and patiently.

How Does it Work? / Autism Treatment Process

The treatment process for autism will vary in each child, based on the child’s symptoms and problems. However, the general guidelines followed at Butterfly Learnings Center to treat a child with autism are as follows:

Initial Consultation and Assessment of the Child

Your child’s symptoms and behavioral patterns will be assessed by our team of therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center during the initial consultation visit. We will be discussing your child's behavioral and developmental issues with you to collect more information before making personalized intervention plans to help your child. For better understanding and improved treatment results, the therapists may suggest some assessments and tests to evaluate the challenges, needs, and strengths of your child. This will help us understand which problem areas of your child require intervention.

Preparing a Customized Treatment Plan

After the initial consultation and assessment of your child, our team will prepare a customized treatment plan for your child to address his or her unique requirements. Preparing a treatment plan based on the results of the assessments and test results will ensure that our therapy programs will work well to tackle all the issues that your child may be having.

Implementation of Autism Treatment

After making a customized treatment plan for your child, our therapists will implement it for your child in a comfortable and safe environment at Butterfly Learnings. Our experienced and skilled therapists will use special interventions, behavioral techniques, and exercises to manage the various behavioral and developmental problems that your child may be suffering from.

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments

Your child’s progress will be regularly monitored by our team of therapists. The impact of the interventions provided by the therapists on your child’s overall growth and development will be assessed constantly. Based on the progress of the child, our therapists will make the necessary adjustments to the treatment plan of your child on a timely basis. We will also be sharing with you all the details about your child’s assessments and progress through our dedicated, user-friendly app.

Autism Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The cost of autism treatment in Mumbai will vary among different children depending on many factors, like:

  • Experience and qualifications of the therapists
  • The different types of specialties and interventions needed to treat the various autism symptoms in your child
  • Duration of intervention programs
  • Reputation and reliability of the therapy center
  • The use of child-friendly, advanced resources and equipment
  • Location of the therapy center, with the cost being on the higher side for a therapy center situated in an urban region than the cost of a therapy center situated in a rural region

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Autism Treatment Center in Mumbai

Some of the key factors to keep in mind before considering the right ABA therapy center in Mumbai are: 

  • Accessibility: Try to choose a therapy center that is close to your home. This will help in reducing your traveling time and help your child to be comfortable. 
  • Safe and Comfortable Environment: Look for a treatment center that will provide a safe environment for your child. A child suffering from autism usually dislikes change in routine or a new environment. At Butterfly Learnings Center, we ensure that your child is put at ease and we give all the possible time to your child to make him or her comfortable at our center before starting with any intervention programs. Additionally, we ensure that all our staff members undergo a thorough background before they join our center, ensuring that your child is in safe hands at our center.
  • Child-Friendly: Choose a therapy center that will provide your child with personalized care and treatment programs, based on his or her requirements and challenges. You can have a discussion with the therapy team to learn more about their strategies and treatment approaches before making your choice. 
  • Family Support Services: A good autism treatment center should offer appropriate guidance to the parents and other family members on how to manage the problems faced by an autistic child. Butterfly Learnings Center provides the best support services to families, such as counseling sessions and parent training, to help the parents participate actively in the child’s treatment sessions. The parents and therapists work together to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes for the child.
  • Consultation and Assessment Procedure: Choose a treatment center offering regular consultations and thorough assessments for a better understanding of your child's unique requirements. At Butterfly Learnings Centers, we have a dedicated, user-friendly app that helps parents stay updated about their child’s treatment progress. 

Techniques and Methods Used in Autism Treatment

Our experienced and skilled therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center use different therapeutic techniques and exercises to help your child overcome specific behavioral problems associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Although there is no specific cure for autism, certain interventions can help in managing the symptoms associated with the condition and help the child overcome his or her disabilities to lead a more independent life.

The different techniques and methods used by our therapists to help your autistic child are:

Behavioral Interventions like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

These interventions help the child understand the causes and results of his or her behaviors and encourage them to change their unwanted behaviors.

ABA therapy is a type of treatment that helps promote positive behavior and discourage harmful or negative behavior. It is a type of behavioral control method in children that helps them to live in society more easily.

Different Types of Developmental Therapies

Our therapists will work closely with the child to help improve the various developmental aspects of their lives. The different types of therapies include the following:

  • Speech therapy sessions help in improving the communication skills of the child.
  • Physical therapy sessions help in improving the motor abilities of the child.
  • Occupational therapy sessions help the child to improve his or her basic life skills like eating, bathing, and dressing.
  Play Therapy

Play therapy can help in improving the social and emotional skills of a child suffering from autism. The different types of play therapies may include the following:

  • Floortime play therapy involves the therapist or teacher getting down on the floor to play with the child.
  • Integrated play groups combine children with and without autism to play in a group to see how well an autistic child adjusts, understands, and participates with their peers.
  • Joint attention symbolic play engagement and regulation or JASPER can help the child in having better focus on a toy and another person at the same time.
  Psychological Therapy

Certain types of psychological therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy can help children dealing with mental health problems like depression and anxiety in addition to other autism symptoms.

Social Skills Development

Our therapists help the child in improving his or her social skills and improving emotional bonds.

Educational Skills Development

Our therapists use fun activities and techniques to help the child’s learning process and improve their performance in school.

Complementary Treatments

Some forms of treatments help in boosting the learning and communication skills of children suffering from autism. Examples of complementary treatments are music therapy, art therapy, and animal-assisted therapy, like horseback riding.


Certain medications may be prescribed by the child’s doctor to relieve the symptoms of autism, like hyperactivity, anxiety, attention problems, sleep disorders, and seizures.


What Our Patients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of autism treatment?

Autism treatment can have several benefits for your autistic child, including:

  • Improved attention
  • Improved learning
  • Improved speech
  • Improved communication and social skills
  • Addressing various motor skill challenges
  • Learning self-care skills like bathing, getting dressed, and self-feeding
  • Improved independence
  • Better quality of life
Can my child’s autism be cured permanently?

There is no standard treatment for autism and the condition can, unfortunately, not be treated permanently. However, certain autism treatment interventions can help in bringing about significant changes in your child’s behavior and general lifestyle. In fact, some cases of autistic children who receive early interventions show lesser disturbances in their behavior with an increase in age, and they may even lead a normal or near-normal life as they grow older.

Will my child’s autism treatment expenses be covered by insurance?

Although all private insurance companies in India do not include autism under insurance coverage, some insurance companies do include the condition under some special plans up until a specific age. It is best to ask your health insurance provider if autism is included in your child’s insurance policy, the extent of insurance coverage, and up until what age is it applicable.

What will happen if my child’s autism is not treated?

Untreated autism could lead to challenging behaviors, like self-injury, meltdowns, or extreme aggression in children. These behaviors can make it difficult for the child to express his or her needs, lead to sensory overload, cause frustration due to communication barriers, and make it difficult and frustrating for the child and the parents to lead a normal life.

Our expert therapists at Butterfly Learnings will provide all the autism treatment sessions according to your child’s preferences and needs. We will ensure that your child shows significant behavioral improvement to lead a healthy and better quality of life.

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