Effective Tacting Kit: Improve Communication Skills

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What is tacting?
Tacting kit helps to learn in a fun way, enhancing your kid’s knowledge and can be played anytime, anywhere! Tact - a verbal operant that also acts as a social communication aid for children that is controlled by a nonverbal stimulus and maintained by non-specific reinforcement. In basic terms, it is naming or labelling something that is part of the environment. Having a large tact collection supports the increase of other verbal operants, including manding and intraverbals. This Speech Interaction Resource is great for limited verbal students to communicate and express their feelings and needs, there are great options that cover daily activities, and the pictures have great diversity.
Why tacting kit from Butterfly Learnings?
This verbal operant pack is suitable for programming and testing with VB-MAPP! The kit offers ideas for teachers to implement, covering topics such as managing difficult behavior, teaching social skills, and addressing communication difficulties. Using a Verbal Expression Kit is a great way to help with cerebral development and promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. A great learning tool for preschoolers. Let your kids apply their practical skills and learn valuable life lessons in an environment of fun. These cards are very durable for toddlers and perfectly sized for small hands making them easily holdable for children. Bright, vibrant designs to aid visual development with simple to read large fonts.

Benefits of Tacting Kit from Butterfly Learnings:
  1. Successful for visual, hear-able and kinaesthetic learning.
  2. Example acknowledgement.
  3. Helps image acknowledgement and fast retention.

The cards are made from sturdy, safe, high-quality materials that are suitable for kids. The thoughtful Language Development Toolkit also known as tacting kit includes 10 communication cards with an instruction booklet. Each nonverbal communication card is printed with different behavior words and is equipped with vivid patterns, which attracts the attention of children. The cards in the tacting kit will help children express their needs, help them communicate effectively and build confidence, and help speech development. These cards will improve logical thinking and the concept that the same things exist in different forms. These educational resources have been created to support kids who have difficulties expressing their emotions and communicating verbally. This will enhance your child’s tactile and problem-solving skills as they associate the object. Not only kids will learn with the interactive cards, but they can unleash their creativity by fostering artistic expression.

Tacting Kit By Theraplay by Butterfly Learnings offers the perfect supplement to your kids' current learning experience. The cards are easy to use and allow children to learn by playing. Children can learn new letters, spellings, word formation and sounds while they play.

The perfect communication skills toolbox for preschool toddlers!

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