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Welcome to Butterfly Learnings in Mumbai, one of India’s top child developmental therapy chains.

At Butterfly Learnings, we believe in the potential of every child and strive to create a society where all children are valued and respected, regardless of social and behavioral differences.

Our mission is to provide support and evidence-based solutions for children facing developmental and behavioral challenges.

About Butterfly Learnings Center

Butterfly Learnings has been building a trustworthy and healthier society for children with developmental and behavioral issues. With our multidisciplinary approach and advanced technology, Butterfly Learnings is the best child therapy center in Mumbai. Our expert and certified therapists offer personalized care and intervention programs to our children.

Our centers are spread across Mumbai and serve as a nurturing environment for your child to explore and grow to their full potential. Our evidence-based practices and tasks ensure your little ones overcome their challenges and become amazing beings of tomorrow.

Butterfly Learnings is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible interventions to individuals facing developmental challenges and educating their families by providing evidence-based services.

How Can Our ABA Therapy Help?

ABA therapy is aimed at addressing a wide range of behavioral challenges in children, especially in autistic kids. Children with developmental delays in areas of language & speech, and social skills find it difficult to interact and express their needs through problematic behavior.

At Butterfly Learnings, we engage children in one-on-one sessions, specific to the child’s needs and interests and teach them daily living skills.

ABA therapists use evidence-based approaches to help children learn basic skills like learning simple commands, following directions, playing with peers, and developing better communication. It is also helpful in strengthening visual perceptual skills and improving cognitive development.

Research-based studies show that ABA therapy is more effective in children when it is started at an early age of around two years.

ABA therapy is also beneficial for managing children with ADHD and communication problems, as well as for kids without a specific diagnosis but who display challenging behaviors.

If you're seeking support in understanding your child's abnormal behaviors, difficulties in social interaction, or managing emotional outbursts, our experts at Butterfly Learnings are here to help.

Our team evaluates your child's condition thoroughly and provides personalized guidance to address their needs effectively.

ABA Therapy Treatment Process

Our ABA therapy is customized according to your child’s requirements. Here’s a structured detailing of how an ABA therapy session at Butterfly Learnings works.

Initial consultation and assessment process

Your child’s ABA therapy sessions at Butterfly Learnings start with an initial consultation with our team of therapists. We discuss your child's behavior patterns with you and your child to gain information. To understand better, our therapist conducts assessments to evaluate the child's strengths, challenges, and specific needs. This helps in understanding the areas in which your child requires intervention.

Development of individualized treatment plan

Following the initial assessment, our team develops a personalized treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of the child. By curating a plan based on the assessment results, we ensure that our intervention programs are effective in tackling the issues your child faces.

Implementation of ABA therapy sessions

After customizing the treatment plan, our therapist implements it in a safe and supportive environment at Butterfly Learnings for your child. Our experienced therapists use special techniques, exercises, and behavioral interventions to promote skill acquisition, behavior modification, and overall development.

Monitoring progress and making adjustments

Our certified therapists constantly monitor your child's progress and the impact of the interventions on their growth and development. The therapists make necessary changes based on the progress of the intervention therapies. We have a dedicated app through which details and assessments are shared with you.

ABA Therapy Cost in Mumbai

The cost of ABA therapy can vary based on the following factors:

  • Experience and qualification of the therapist
  • Reputation and reliability of the center providing therapy
  • Use of advanced technologies and child-friendly resources
  • Number of hours of therapy required
  • Location of the center- generally, charges are higher in urban areas than rural areas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best ABA Therapy Center in Mumbai

Some of the key factors to keep in mind before considering the right ABA therapy center in Mumbai are: 

  • Accessibility: Ensure that the therapy center you choose is easily accessible, thereby minimizing travel time for your child’s comfort. 
  • Child-Centric: Meet with the therapy team to learn about their treatment strategies. It is always best to choose a center that provides personalized intervention programs according to the challenges and requirements of your child. 
  • Consultation and Assessment Process: Select a center that provides regular consultations and comprehensive assessments to understand your child's unique requirements. At Butterfly Learnings, we have a dedicated app that updates you with the progress and feedback of your child. 
  • Support services for families: Choose a center that guides the family members in managing the issues faced by your child. Butterfly Learnings provides various support services to parents and families, such as parent training, counseling, and more, to help them actively participate in their child’s therapy journey. Parents can consult their child’s behavior analyst or supervisor in a bi-weekly session for guidance and support.
  • Safe Growth Environment: Look for an ABA therapy center that prioritizes a safe, trustworthy space for your child’s development. At Butterfly Learnings, each of our staff members undergoes thorough background checks to ensure the safety of every child in our organization. 

Techniques and Methods Used in ABA Therapy

ABA therapy sessions improve social interaction and communication skills in children with autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges. Butterfly Learnings ABA therapists use various techniques and strategies to help children with developmental and behavioral issues. All these techniques and methods are customized according to each child’s unique problems and needs.

Let us know about some of them in detail:

Positive Reinforcement

This method is used to teach children about the consequences of some behaviors. When the child does good behavior, they are rewarded or affirmed appropriately by the therapists. This helps the children to follow the desired behavior consistently. Positive behavior can be as simple as greeting someone ‘good morning’ or looking into the eyes of the person they are speaking to.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

This teaching method is used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to help individuals learn new skills step by step. In DTT, our therapist breaks down the skill into simple parts and teaches each separately. For example, if the therapist is teaching the child to greet others by saying "hello," they might start by teaching just the first letter or sound, "h." Once the child is comfortable with the first step, ABA therapists will add more sounds until the child can say the whole word. Through this technique, children learn things bit by bit until they get all the skills right.

Incidental Teaching

This therapy method is also known as natural environment teaching, in which children learn through real-life scenarios in a community. For example, when the child is given their favorite toy, the therapist might prompt them by saying, "What do you say when you receive something?" The child then gets the opportunity to respond with "thank you" after receiving the toy. Using real-life situations helps children respond to situations appropriately. Incidental teaching helps children understand why and how to respond in a social environment!

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)

In Pivotal Response Treatment, instead of following a set of strict instructions, therapists use the child's interests and motivations to encourage learning. For example, if a child loves playing with blocks, the therapist uses these blocks to teach them new skills like taking turns, asking for help, or numbering them in order. The key areas of focus in PRT include communication, language, play, and social skills.

Verbal Behavior Approach (VB)

The verbal behavior approach aims to help individuals develop communication skills they can use daily. In this approach, our trained therapist teaches children to use language based on the function or meaning behind the word. For example, if a child wants chocolate, the therapist uses the VB approach to teach them to say "chocolate" or point to a picture of chocolate. The therapist would then give the chocolate as a reward to them, reinforcing the communication. In this approach, children learn to mand (request), tact (label), respond to verbal cues, imitate actions, communicate intra-verbally, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a one-on-one session to help children with developmental and behavioral issues develop real-world skills and realize their potential. The therapy is very beneficial for children with Autism spectrum and anger management. It also teaches parents how to help their children with disabilities.

How long should my child continue with ABA therapy?

The duration of the therapy session depends on the unique behavioral challenges and requirements faced by the child. Some children may benefit from short-term, intensive therapy, while others may require ongoing support over several years.

Is ABA therapy covered by insurance?

Generally, ABA therapy treatments are covered by most insurance plans, especially for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. However, you need to check with the insurance provider to know the extent of the coverage and other details.

Will my child have any side effects from ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is generally considered safe and effective when administered by trained professionals. However, for some children, ABA therapy can cause anxiety as it involves a lot of structured and repetitive activities. At Butterfly Learnings, we ensure our therapy sessions are compatible with the child’s needs and preferences. Our trained therapists conduct child-friendly intervention programs.

What qualifications should I look for in an ABA therapist?

When looking for an ABA therapist for your child, it is important to look for someone who is board-certified and has experience working with children with similar challenges. Additionally, a good therapist should demonstrate empathy, patience, and a collaborative approach to treatment.

Can ABA therapy cure autism?

No, unfortunately, there is no cure for Autism. ABA therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that helps autistic kids lead a better life and is not a cure. At Butterfly Learnings, our ABA therapy can help manage self-injurious and aggressive behaviors that are more commonly seen in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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