Evaluating Mental Health: Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Services

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What is a psychological assessment?
A psychological assessment is a methodical process that includes questionnaires, standardized tests, and interviews with the objective of determining strengths and weaknesses across a range of areas. These assessments may reveal social-emotional patterns of functioning and learning habits. Concerned about their child's behavior, some parents decide to have their child assessed psychologically. It is suggested that other parents seek professional evaluations.
At Butterfly Learnings we provide the following tests:

1. RPM (Raven's Progressive Matrices)

Measures non-verbal mental ability –
  • abstract reasoning
  • problem solving
  • learning ability
2. WISC IV (Weschler's Intelligence Scale for Children)

Measures intellectual ability of from 6 years onwards –
  • verbal comprehension
  • perceptual reasoning
  • working memory
  • processing speed
3. BKT (Binet Kamat Scale of Intelligence)

Can be used from 3 years old. It measures –
  • Language
  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Visual Motor
  • Social Intelligence (verbal & non-verbal)
4. Conners Rating Scale for ADHD

Can be used from 6 years onwards. It assesses common impairments and symptoms associated with ADHD.
5. Vanderbilt Rating Scale

Can be used from 6 years. It assesses ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD), and anxiety/depression.
6. ISAA (Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism)

This assesses –
  • Social Relationship and Reciprocity
  • Emotional Responsiveness
  • Speech — Language and Communication
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Sensory Aspects
  • Cognitive Component
7. CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Scale)

Used to measure the presence and the severity of autism spectrum disorders.
8. VABS (Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales)

Can be used from birth to measure the adaptive behavior in individuals. It measures –
  • Communication
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Socialization
  • Motor Skills
  • Maladaptive Behavior (optional).
9. VSMS (Vineland Social Maturity)

Measures –
  • social and adaptive functions
  • level of disability
  • intelligence.
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Why take psychological assessments at Butterfly Learnings?
As a parent, you can get a comprehensive assessment of your child’s personality and intelligence due to the diversity of behavioral understanding tests we provide. These test results will coherently explain why your child behaves the way they do – addressing some of your concerns regarding hyperactivity, aggression, social skills, learning disability, etc. These mental health evaluations come in crucial in charting out the treatment plans and deciding what resources to avail.

We create programmes to connect families to additional resources—such as mental health and educational support—that their children might require. The highly qualified clinicians on our evaluation team are dedicated to assisting kids in realizing their full potential and overcoming challenges. In a clinical setting, we investigate and assess the effectiveness of new treatments through a thorough analysis of test results.

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