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Welcome to Butterfly Learnings in Mumbai, one of India’s top child developmental therapy chains.

At Butterfly Learnings, we believe in the potential of every child and strive to create a society where all children are valued and respected, regardless of social and behavioral differences.

Our mission is to provide support and evidence-based solutions for children facing developmental and behavioral challenges.

About Butterfly Learnings Center

Butterfly Learnings Center has been providing a healthier and trustworthy society for children having developmental and behavioral problems.

The use of advanced technology and a multidisciplinary approach makes Butterfly Learnings the best child therapy center in Mumbai. Our highly experienced and certified therapists offer personalized care and intervention programs to each child. 

We have various centers across Mumbai and we can provide your child with a nurturing environment to grow and explore their complete potential. Our evidence-based tasks and practices will ensure that your child overcomes his or her challenges and becomes a responsible adult tomorrow.

Butterfly Learnings Center provides accessible and affordable interventions to children facing developmental challenges and helps educate their families by providing evidence-based interventions and services.

How Can Our Speech Therapy Help?

Speech therapy refers to the assessment and treatment of speech disorders and communication problems in an individual. It is performed by speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists.

Speech therapy can especially benefit children having communication disorders due to developmental and behavioral problems. The various conditions in children that can be managed using speech therapy are:

  • Aphasia: It is a condition in which a child can have difficulty in writing, reading, speaking, or understanding language.
  • Articulation Disorder: The child is unable to produce certain word sounds in this condition.
  • Apraxia: In this condition, the child knows what he or she wants to say, but could have trouble putting it into words.
  • Dysarthria: A child with this condition could have slow or slurred speech.
  • Expressive Disorders: The child could have difficulty in getting out words or conveying their thoughts in this disorder.
  • Cognitive-Communication Disorders: This condition involves difficulty in communication due to damage to the area of the brain that controls the thinking ability of a person.
  • Receptive Disorders: The child has difficulty comprehending or processing what other people are saying in this type of disorder.
  • Resonance Disorders: Certain health conditions like cleft palate and swollen tonsils can affect the structure of the child’s mouth and nose and lead to resonance disorders.
  • Fluency Disorders: These disorders affect the speed, rhythm, and flow of speech. Stuttering or stammering (interrupted or blocked speech) and cluttering (speech that is too fast or merged together) are types of fluency disorders.

At Butterfly Learnings Center, we provide one-on-one speech therapy sessions, which are specific to the child’s requirements.

We help them improve their language and communication skills, which have been impaired due to various developmental issues or other medical conditions.

Our speech therapists use evidence-based methods and resources to help children with speech issues.

The children at our center enjoy their speech therapy sessions as our therapists include fun activities like language-based board games, sequencing activities, and play to engage the children and get improve their ability to speak and communicate using language.

Although people of all age groups can undergo speech therapy, studies suggest that children who require speech therapy will get maximum success if they start the therapy sessions at an early age.

If your child is suffering from speech and communication problems, our expert therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center are here to help you.

Our therapists will evaluate your child’s condition in detail and provide personalized guidance and interventions to address all the needs of your child effectively.

Speech Therapy Treatment Process

We customize the speech therapy sessions as per your child’s condition and requirements. Here is a step-by-step guide on how the speech therapy treatment works at Butterfly Learnings Center:

Initial Consultation and Child Assessment

Your child’s speech therapy sessions at Butterfly Learnings Center will start with an initial consultation appointment with our team of therapists. We will discuss your child's developmental and behavioral problems with you to get more information before preparing customized intervention plans to help your child. For a better understanding, the therapists may conduct some tests and assessments to evaluate the specific needs, challenges, and strengths of your child. This helps us understand which areas of your child need intervention. In case of a suspected speech disorder, the therapists may recommend a few initial screening tests to determine the exact cause of any communication problems.

Creating a Personalized Treatment Plan

After the initial assessment, our team will develop a personalized treatment plan for your child to address his or her unique needs. The preparation of a treatment plan based on the assessment results ensures that our intervention programs will be effective in tackling all the problems your child may be facing.

Implementing the Speech Therapy Sessions

After customizing a treatment plan for your child, our therapists will implement it in a safe and comfortable environment at Butterfly Learnings for your child. Our experienced therapists will use special techniques, behavioral interventions, and exercises to manage speech and language problems, as well as any other developmental or behavioral problems that your child may be facing.

Regular Monitoring and Necessary Adjustments

Our therapists will constantly monitor your child's progress and the impact of the interventions on your child’s communication abilities, as well as overall growth and development. The therapists will make any necessary changes that may be required based on the results of the intervention therapies. We will share the details of your child’s progress and assessments with you through our dedicated app.

Speech Therapy Cost in Mumbai

The cost of speech therapy in Mumbai varies among different children depending on several factors, such as:

  • Qualifications and experience of the speech therapist 
  • The total number of sessions and the number of hours of speech therapy sessions needed by a child
  • Reliability and reputation of the therapy center
  • The use of advanced and child-friendly technologies and resources 
  • Location of the therapy center, with the charges being higher for a center located in an urban area than the charges of a center located in a rural area

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Speech Therapy Center in Mumbai

If you are looking for a speech therapy center for your child, you need to consider a few important factors before making your choice. The factors you need to consider before choosing the best speech therapy center in Mumbai include:

  • Accessibility: Choose a therapy that is easily accessible for you and your child. This helps reduce the travel time and ensures that the child is comfortable.
  • Child-Friendly: You should choose a therapy center that provides personalized care and intervention programs, depending on the requirements and challenges of your child. You can discuss with the therapy team to know more about their treatment approach and strategies before making your choice.
  • Family Support Services: Always choose a speech therapy center that offers guidance to parents and other family members on how to manage the problems faced by the child. Butterfly Learnings Center provides all types of support services to families, like counseling and parent training, to help the family participate actively in the child’s therapy sessions. Parents should consult the child’s speech therapist regularly for support and guidance.
  • Comfortable and Safe Environment: Search for a speech therapy center that provides a safe and comfortable environment for the development of your child. At Butterfly Learnings Center, all our staff members have to undergo a thorough background check to ensure that every child feels safe at our center.
  • Process of Consultation and Assessment: Choose a center that offers regular consultations and thorough assessments to understand your child's unique needs. At Butterfly Learnings Centers, we have a user-friendly app that will update you regarding the progress and feedback for your child by our therapists.

Techniques and Methods Used in Speech Therapy

Our experienced speech therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center will use different types of therapeutic activities and exercises to help your child overcome specific speech and language problems.

The following techniques and methods are used by our speech therapists to help your child:

Language Activities

These activities involve playing and talking with the child while using books, pictures, and objects to help stimulate your child’s language development skills. The speech therapist could also use repetition exercises and demonstrate the use of correct pronunciation to help increase your child’s language skills.

Articulation Activities

Our speech therapists will work closely with the child to help them improve their pronunciation. The speech therapist will demonstrate to the child how to make specific types of sounds, usually during play activities.


The speech therapist will help the child perform different types of lip, tongue, and jaw exercises, along with facial massage to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the mouth. These exercises can help the child with their future speech and communication.

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

The speech therapist will closely work with the child’s swallowing or chewing problems. Certain types of exercises can help the child strengthen the muscles in the mouth and work with different food textures to improve swallowing and also improve the child’s oral awareness.

The speech therapist will also give the child some strategies and activities to practice at home with the help of a parent or caregiver to get quicker and better treatment results.


What Our Patients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of speech therapy?

Speech therapy has several benefits for your child, that include the following:

  • Increased independence
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved vocal quality
  • Helping young children in school readiness
  • Early language skills
  • Improved swallowing function
  • Increased ability to think about and express thoughts, ideas, and feelings
  • Improved quality of life
How long will my child need to continue with speech therapy?

The requirements of each child are different. While some speech disorders can be treated with a few speech therapy sessions, others may require ongoing speech therapy sessions for several years. The length of speech therapy sessions needed by your child will depend on the following factors:

  • Your child’s age
  • Type of speech disorder
  • Type of developmental or behavioral disorder causing speech problems
  • The severity of the speech disorder
  • How often your child attends speech therapy sessions
  • Underlying health conditions that need to be addressed
What should I look for when choosing a speech therapist for my child?

If you are looking for a speech therapist for your child, look for someone who is qualified and has experience working with children having similar problems as your child. A good speech therapist should have patience, compassion, and the ability to use child-friendly techniques for effective treatment results.

You can get in touch with some of the best and highly skilled speech therapists at Butterfly Learnings for the best treatment outcomes for your child in a safe environment.

Will insurance cover my child’s speech therapy expenses?

While some health insurance policies in India cover a child’s speech therapy expenses, others may not. Certain developmental disorders that lead to speech problems may be covered by insurance policies, while others may not. It is best to check with your health insurance policy provider to know the extent of coverage for your child’s speech therapy programs.

Will my child have any side effects due to speech therapy?

Speech therapy is generally considered to be a safe and effective procedure when performed by a trained and experienced therapist. Some minor side effects that the child could face due to speech therapy include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle soreness
  • Eye pain
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath while talking

Our expert therapists at Butterfly Learnings will ensure that all the speech therapy sessions are compatible with your child’s preferences and requirements. Our child-friendly interventions will minimize the risk of developing any side effects due to speech therapy.

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