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“We are in the business of building a healthier society through conscious families.”

Butterfly Learnings is a cluster of destinations that lead to the development and behavioral solutions for our children. It is a platform that not only ensures the well-being of your little ones but also thrives towards spreading awareness among us parents, creating a healthy future for your kids and a responsible society.

Butterfly Learnings showcases an extensive understanding of child development and evidence-based practices. The platform is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible intervention to individuals facing developmental challenges and educate their families with the help of experts and therapists.

Butterfly makes sure that your feel at home at our centers and receive all the nourishment, love, and patience they need. And all this is made possible with our clinical team of behavior therapists, who are always available when you need them and the expert guides. Butterfly works actively with families for effective, long-lasting, and beneficial in shorter periods.

Butterfly Learnings is a safe space for you and your children where we learn, grow, and achieve together. Our centers will take your children to healthy dimensions of fun and therapy. Here, you’re free to transfer all your worries to us and watch your little ones become amazing beings of tomorrow.

extra mile

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Extra mile
Well trained & friendly staff

Well trained & friendly staff - The skill and experience of our staff are at the heart of Butterfly learnings.

Extra mile
Personalized program for your child

Personalized program for your child - Uniqueness is the beauty of your little ones and hence we have personalized programs for your children as per their needs.

Extra mile
24/7 access to child's progress

24/7 access to a child's progress - You can view your child’s progress at any time. Our advanced app displays specific areas of your child’s development.


Butterfly Learnings journey stems from curiosity. From exploring a concept, be it in technology, medicine, or design to scaling and serving to millions across the globe. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible interventions to individuals facing developmental challenges and educating their families by providing evidence-based services. We understand the individualized needs of the learner and provide comprehensive care for the management


To be a center of excellence that provides innovative, scientific, and evidence-based comprehensive interventions for behavioral health across the world.



To accept the differences amongst each individual and not discriminate based on any ground.


To be able to accept with dignity, Butterfly Learnings practices understanding by consistently learning concepts and engaging in depth of scientific knowledge of the differences that may exist amongst individuals.


Butterfly Learnings practices respect by honoring the differences in the abilities, qualities, and individual differences and treating everyone with dignity.

Diversity Statement:

Butterfly Learnings journey stems from curiosity. From exploring a concept, be it in technology, medicine, or design to scaling and serving to millions across the globe. During this journey, we are dedicated to including people from different cultural and racial backgrounds. Our mission is to ensure that we practice inclusion by reflecting it in the various processes of the organization, starting from hiring people of different backgrounds, to using diversity in marketing through different channels. We aim to increase the inclusion of diversity and equality by offering opportunities based on the credit rather than racial and cultural backgrounds. We hope to create an organizational culture at Butterfly Learnings where we discuss ideas and plans to help diverse individuals discover their true potential with acceptance, love and honesty irrespective of their racial, cultural, gender, or age.
We strongly discourage any sort of discrimination based on gender, race, caste, ability, sexuality, and language.

The Team

Meet our experts

As a team we are learners and leaders, we hold the belief that children have power to change their lives!









Dr. Sonam Kothari Founder/CEO

My vision behind Butterfly Learnings is to deliver developmental healthcare for families. I listen to parents/caregivers about their concerns and share them with my therapists to implement in the session.

Shreya Nachankar Behaviour Supervisor

I have always cared about kids and seeing them grow as individuals is satisfying.

Debnanya Chakraborty Behaviour Technician

I enjoy being around children, when I work with them it makes me feel relaxed & stress free.

Snehaja Dhanawade Behaviour Supervisor

Working with children has enabled me to solve unique challenges and situations with newer approaches.

Kamal Chedda Behaviour Supervisor

It brings me immense joy in working with children & their families and bringing a positive change to their lives.

Harshada Samant Behaviour Technician

Working with children taught me to look at the world in a unique way and it enriches my learning experience.

Rakshanda Ranadive Behavior Technician

Kids make me feel happy. They have the cutest smiles. When they come and hug you, it’s the best feeling.

Bikromjeet Mukherjee Content Manager

I have always cared about kids and seeing them grow as individuals is satisfying

Abhishek Sen Non Executive Director

I handle the clinical and operational fronts, ensuring expansion, sustainability and scalability of Butterfly Learnings. Also, make our services accessible by increasing our centers and advancing our online platform.

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