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Butterfly Learnings is one of India’s Top Child Developmental Therapy Chain.

We aim to raise awareness and develop a society where every child is valued and respected, irrespective of social and behavioral differences.

At Butterfly Learnings, we offer evidence-based solutions for children struggling with developmental and behavioral issues.

Butterfly Learnings Centers in Satara

Butterfly Learnings Center in Satara provides help and support to tackle all your concerns about your child's developmental and behavioral problems. We work in close association with children who have intellectual issues, Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other developmental and behavioral issues.

We provide family-centric therapies and programs that involve the parents in therapy sessions to improve the child’s overall condition. Several types of interventional programs are offered to improve your child’s growth and development. 

The Butterfly Learnings Satara Center is conveniently located at Godoli Road, making it a convenient location to travel to for multiple therapy sessions.

Our team consists of compassionate and efficient therapists, pediatricians, and shadow teachers to handle your child’s developmental or behavioral disabilities using the best treatments and care. Our therapists at Butterfly Learnings provide a customized treatment plan for all the children at our center based on a child’s requirements and condition.

Child Developmental Issues We Solve
at Butterfly Learnings Centers in Satara

Developmental issues in your child could lead to a delay in simple developmental milestones like sitting up, rolling over, etc. This could indicate a growth and developmental abnormality, learning disorder, or intellectual problems with the child.

It is natural for you to get worried about these problems. At Butterfly Learnings, we can help your child overcome these challenges to lead a better life.

We provide multi-disciplinary and holistic treatment approaches to manage the developmental and behavioral problems in your child.

Our intervention programs are designed for young infants, toddlers, and older children alike as we know the importance of early interventions in achieving optimal results.

Some common developmental problems treated at Butterfly Learnings Center in Satara are:

Therapies Available at Our Centers

Butterfly Learnings Center in Satara offers various types of therapies to help ease the symptoms of developmental disorders in children. We help special needs children realize their true self-worth and achieve their best.

The primary therapies offered at our center include the following:

ABA therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy is done on a one-on-one basis between the therapist and the child. The therapy is generally recommended in cases of children with autism or other types of challenging behavioral disorders. The goal of ABA therapy is to encourage positive behavior, improve a child’s language and communication skills, enhance social interactions, and teach the basic skills of daily life.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy sessions are designed to help children with different types of speech, language, or communication problems, including stammering or stuttering, fluency and voice issues, feeding and swallowing issues, articulation problems, etc. Our experienced speech therapists, also called speech-language pathologists, can help in improving your child’s conversation, communication, speech, and language skills.

Occupational Therapy

This therapy includes different interventions for treating a child’s difficulties in performing routine daily tasks, poor motor skills, and issues with sensory processing due to an underlying developmental or behavioral problem. Our skilled occupational therapists will help improve a child’s fine motor skills and give them the necessary training and confidence to independently do simple daily tasks like eating food and getting dressed.

Other Notable Services at Butterfly Learnings

At Butterfly Learnings, we strive to provide all types of therapies and services to children with developmental and behavioral needs. Some notable services that we provide are:

Shadow teacher

Butterfly Learnings Center in Satara has skilled and well-trained shadow teachers. They primarily help children facing learning difficulties.

A shadow teacher can help in identifying the type of learning disability your child has. The shadow teacher will then use different teaching techniques to help your child perform some basic academic tasks, such as reading and writing.

The teaching methods are customized and adjusted according to your child’s grasping ability and learning potential. 

Child Psychologist

We have a skilled team of child psychologists, who are trained to understand and offer treatment to children facing mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Additionally, our child psychologists also offer guidance and support to the immediate family of such children.

Various types of child-friendly resources and techniques are used by our child psychologists to diagnose and treat mental health problems in a child. They also help in enhancing the communication skills of a child and lead a better quality of life.

Developmental Pediatricians

Top-quality developmental-behavioral pediatrician services are also offered at our Butterfly Learnings Center. The developmental pediatricians work closely with the child, as well as the child’s parents and family to accurately diagnose some common developmental disorders, like Autism, ADHD, and social skills problems, in the child and provide their expert guidance and care.

The developmental pediatrician will help diagnose and treat learning disabilities, deficiencies in growth and development, and emotional outbursts in your child.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of ABA therapy?

ABA is a type of one-on-one therapy that involves the use of positive reinforcement methods to encourage good behaviors and prevent negative behaviors in children. The various advantages of this therapy are:

  • Management of behavioral problems in children
  • Management of Autism symptoms, like anger issues
  • Improves overall quality of life
  • Teaches independence and improves self-confidence in a child

How will I know if my child has a behavioral disorder?

Most children throw tantrums due to various reasons. However, if your child throws tantrums, it does not necessarily mean that your child has a behavioral disorder. If the tantrums are very frequent, or severe in intensity, you should consult a good therapist for a thorough evaluation of your child and check for signs of behavioral disorders.

At Butterfly Learnings Center, our qualified therapists will assess your child thoroughly. Our therapists will also discuss the child’s behavioral pattern with the child’s parents, caretakers, and teachers to arrive at an accurate behavioral disorder diagnosis. We will then use appropriate interventions and therapies to help manage your child’s disorder.

Can my child’s behavioral disorder be treated completely?

Unfortunately, behavioral disorders in children cannot be treated completely. However, the symptoms associated with these disorders can be managed by using early and age-appropriate treatment interventions. 

The various types of therapies that will be needed by your child depend on the type and severity of the behavioral disorder present and the treatment plan prepared by your child’s doctor.

What are the causes of a behavioral disorder?

Behavioral disorders could develop in any child due to certain environmental or physiological factors. 

The factors that could be responsible for behavioral issues in your child include genetic mutations, abusive family members, malnutrition and poverty, brain injury, premature birth, parents who take drugs or smoke, etc.

Why should I choose Butterfly Learnings for my child?

Butterfly Learnings is a renowned and reputed chain of therapy centers across various centers in India that help manage behavioral and developmental disorders in children. 

Our extensive team of skilled and reliable medical professionals includes therapists, pediatricians, and psychologists to manage all types of developmental/behavioral issues in children with empathy and care.

We provide personalized treatment plans for all the children at our center and work in collaboration with the child’s parents to get the best possible treatment outcomes. Additionally, our center has the latest, child-friendly equipment and resources to help promote your child’s development in a safe and comfortable environment.

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