The Therapist runs speech intervention in person

Speech Delay & Language Delay is another challenge for children at the age of 2 to 3 years. They find it difficult to verbally communicate or express their needs and when those needs are unmet, they communicate through the skills which they know or were previously reinforced i.e. problem behaviors.

A child having delayed speech faces challenges in making sounds to say words correctly.

Whereas, a child with language delay is able to speak words and pronounce them properly. It is difficult for them to speak phrases or complete sentences. Also, they have a tough time understanding others.

In sessions, the speech therapist improves the child’s articulation by modeling words and sentences correctly while playing. The child gets reinforcement for repeating the words or sentences after the therapist.

Also the therapist runs language intervention while playing with the child by showing toys, books and pictures, and improves the child’s vocabulary and grammar with the help of repetition activities.