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What is a Shadow Teacher?
Shadow teacher is an educational assistant that is applied in very special circumstances when difficulties are observed in a child that are not easily accessible with ordinary classroom resources and not with the support of the classroom teacher or other teachers available in the school institution. They understand a variety of learning disabilities and how to support them accordingly. They assist the child with academic tasks, such as reading and writing, and help them navigate social interactions and social-emotional aspects of the classroom. Providing a shadow teacher allows the child to attend a mainstream class while receiving the extra attention he/she needs.
To create an inclusive environment, one must have a deep understanding of the diverse range of special needs that a child may have. You can create a perfect school for your child. To be able to identify methods for success, shadowing requires an understanding of how a child's age, grade level, history, and social-emotional development interact with their academic abilities and learning style.
What are the functions of a Shadow Teacher?
Parents hire shadow teachers to work with their kids at school. The function of a shadow teacher are:

  1. They boost cognitive, social, emotional and self-care aspects of a child.
  2. They foster the academic capacity of the child through adaptation of materials, methodological adaptation of the educational needs, reinforcement and promotion of functional communication and support.
  3. They coordinate together with the teaching and psycho-educational guidance team the curriculum program of the child, as well as the necessary curriculum adaptations according to the profile of the child.
  4. They help in improving the quality of communication of the child.
  5. They empower and develop the social skills of the child.
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