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Butterfly Learnings is one of India’s Top Child Developmental Therapy Chain.

We aim to raise awareness and develop a society where every child is valued and respected, irrespective of social and behavioral differences.

At Butterfly Learnings, we offer evidence-based solutions for children struggling with developmental and behavioral issues.

Butterfly Learnings Ghansoli Center

Butterfly Learnings is an organization that provides development and behavioral solutions for children in Ghansoli. Our goal is to raise awareness and create a society where everyone is valued and respected in spite of their differences.

At Butterfly Learnings, we provide evidence-based practice to support children struggling with developmental issues. We also offer guidance to their families, with the help of our expert therapists.

Our values are simple: we believe in accepting and respecting each person just as they are, without judging them based on anything like their abilities or qualities.

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity, and that's what we stand for. Butterfly Learnings provides a safe space for you and your children where we together learn, grow, and achieve.

Child Developmental Issues We Solve
at Butterfly Learnings Ghansoli Center

Child developmental issues range from noticing delays or abnormal patterns in achieving developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, etc., to learning challenges and intellectual issues.

Compared to other children of the same age, a child with developmental issues can have unusual physical characteristics or delayed development, and the effects usually last throughout a person's lifetime.

It can be worrisome for a parent, and Butterfly Learnings Center is here to provide support for you and your child. An early intervention program for Child Developmental Issues can help enhance the treatment output in children and infants.

Some of the common child developmental disorders addressed at our Ghansoli Learning Center are:

Our center provides intervention programs by trained therapists that are customized according to each child's unique needs and goals. We work closely with families to help their children acquire and improve important skills that will make a great difference in their lives.

Therapies Available at Our Centers

We provide several therapies at our Butterfly Learnings Center in Ghansoli to empower children facing developmental issues to reach their full potential regardless of their abilities.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a therapy that caters to the needs of children with autism or challenging behaviors. It is carried out as a one-on-one therapy with the child and our therapist. The goal is to teach daily living skills, Improve language & communication, and help the child socialize.

Speech Therapy

At Butterfly Learnings Center, our Speech therapy program addresses concerns related to communication disorders and challenges, such as stuttering or stammering, difficulties in articulation, fluency, and voice, issues with swallowing and feeding, and many more. Our speech-language pathologists aim to promote clearer communication and enhance language comprehension and expression.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy addresses a wide range of challenges associated with motor skills, sensory processing, and daily activities. Our OT therapist helps the child improve fine motor coordination and foster independence in daily activities such as dressing, boosting attention and problem-solving skills, etc.

Shadow Teacher

At Butterfly Learnings Center, we provide professional shadow teacher services to children struggling with learning disabilities. Our trained teachers can identify various learning disabilities and create individualized learning styles to assist the child in academic tasks like reading and writing.


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How to Reach Butterfly Learnings Ghansoli Center?

Our Center Location in Ghansoli

Little Millennium Preschool, Atlantis, Plot no 5, Shop no 15 and 16, Sector 11, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400701



We cater to patients all over Mumbai
  • Goregaon
  • Chembur
  • Malad
  • Virar
  • Mira Road
How to Reach the Center?
  • Drop off at Ghansoli Railway Station.
  • Head towards Santoshi Mata Mandir Marg for 700m.
  • Turn left onto Chahu Ambo Patil Marg/Charu Patil Marg.
  • Turn right at the roundabout onto Patil Rd.
  • Turn left at Aagari Chowk onto Fashion St. You will reach your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a personalized therapy aimed at improving the behavioral challenges of children. Then, therapy can be used to manage a lot of other health conditions, including Autism. It helps in anger management and raises self-esteem of the child.

My child has a behavioral disorder. Can treatments and therapies cure this?

Behavioral disorders are generally non-curable, but they can be effectively managed with proper and timely age-appropriate therapy interventions. The treatments and therapies vary between children and the severity of their disorder.

What causes behavioral disorders in children?

The reasons for behavioral issues can be a combination of physiological and environmental factors. Some of the factors that can cause behavioral issues include brain damage, genetical mutations, abusive family background, poverty and malnutrition, premature birth, parents who do substance abuse such as smoking or drugs, etc.

How do I know if my child has behavioral disorders?

Just because children throw mild tantrums doesn’t mean they have a behavioral disorder. If you are doubtful about this condition, always consult with a board-certified therapist from a reputed organization to help assess the child. At Butterfly Learnings, our therapist will conduct a thorough observation of your child, perform some behavior checklists, and gather information regarding the child’s behavior from parents, caretakers, etc.

Why choose Butterfly Learnings?

Butterfly Learnings is a trusted organization that deals with behavioral and developmental issues in children. We have compassionate and skilled professionals, including pediatricians, psychologists, and therapists, who are adept at handling various issues in children. We prioritize the development of personalized treatment plans and family involvement and collaboration. Our center is equipped with proper resources specifically designed to support children's development.

ABA Therapy in Ghansoli

Applied behavior analysis is a type of interpersonal therapy that focuses on improving the behavioral challenges of children with developmental disorders. It is proven that ABA therapy helps to increase positive behavior and reduce negative behavior.

According to studies conducted by Cleveland, “When ABA therapy was used for more than 20 hours a week during the first few years of life (before age 4), it produced large gains in development and even reduced the need for special services later in life.” Our Butterfly Learnings Center in Ghansoli provides one-on-one ABA therapy to our children to help them learn new skills and improve their social interactions.

At Butterfly Learnings Ghansoli, we have a skilled team of therapists who are equally compassionate about the struggles faced by children with developmental disorders. Our therapists interact with children, analyze their behavioral issues, and then come up with personalized treatment plans to manage the issues. Our therapists use several techniques during ABA therapy, depending on the child’s behavior.

Speech Therapy in Ghansoli

At Butterfly Learnings, speech therapy deals with children facing hearing impairments, weak oral muscles, articulation problems (making sounds in syllables), feeding and swallowing disorders , autism, and other intellectual or thinking developmental delays.

Our Speech Pathologists or speech therapists are board-certified experts with specializations in studying human communication, its disorders, and development. A variety of activities are used in speech therapy at Butterfly Learnings, such as language intervention activities, which involve playing and interacting with books and other objects to stimulate speech development.

Another therapy used by our speech therapist is articulation therapy, where the therapist helps the child understand and make syllable sounds using games and activities. They also do various oral exercises like jaw and tongue movements and facial massage in swallowing and feeding therapy.

Autism Center in Ghansoli

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder require special care and attention. Autistic children find it difficult to socialize and communicate with others. They have different ways of learning, interacting, and even bonding within a family.

To manage the concerns of parents with autistic kids and to empower these kids, Butterly Learnings offers autistic centers. Our specialists provide the right guidance and resources to help you navigate the challenges associated with Autism. Our intervention program involves teaching autistic kids how to care for themselves, socialize and manage their emotions, improve motor skills, and so on.

At Butterfly Learnings, we ensure our autistic children develop independence and provide them with a sense of community. Our behavioral interventions teach them how to behave with their peers and family. We also guide parents and families of autistic kids to help them reach their full potential.

Child Psychologist Service in Ghansoli

It might be difficult for an adult to understand the needs and emotions of a child with a developmental disorder. This is where the role of the child psychologist comes into play. A child psychologist helps children cope with mental and emotional breakdowns and treats social and behavioral conditions.

At Butterfly Learnings, our child psychologists are professionally trained to treat the mental and behavioral conditions of children. Through many tests and evaluations, they assess psychological, cognitive, and behavioral issues.

Our child psychologist incorporates various therapies to help children with stress and developmental issues. Some of them include art therapy, child-centered play therapy, child anger management therapy, family therapy, and occupational therapy, parent-child intearction therapy to name a few.

Shadow Teacher Service in Ghansoli

At Butterfly Learnings Ghansoli, we provide Shadow Teachers to work closely with special needs children in a mainstream class atmosphere. These dedicated professionals provide individualized support to children with learning disability to improve academically and socially.

Our shadow teachers are hand-picked with whom children can develop a bond of trust, which in turn helps them boost their confidence. Our shadow teachers work hand-in-hand with the main teachers in a classroom to mend the gap disabled children feel in a classroom academically in terms of resources, assignments, discipline, etc) and emotionally. They impart important life skills to children with disabilities, encouraging social development and acceptance in a school community.

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