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Butterfly Learnings is one of India’s Top Child Developmental Therapy Chain.

We aim to raise awareness and develop a society where every child is valued and respected, irrespective of social and behavioral differences.

At Butterfly Learnings, we offer evidence-based solutions for children struggling with developmental and behavioral issues.

Butterfly Learnings Centers in Kota

Butterfly Learnings Center in Kota provides care and support to children with developmental or behavioral disorders. We offer therapy to children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, intellectual disorders, and other types of behavioral or developmental issues.

We offer therapies and programs that cater not just to the child, but to the entire family. We include and involve the parents in our therapy programs to provide quicker and better treatment results. 

Our elaborate team of experienced and empathetic therapists, pediatricians, and shadow teachers are trained to handle children with disabilities with utmost compassion and care. Additionally, our therapists prepare a personalized treatment plan for such children based on their individual conditions and requirements.

All types of intervention therapies and solutions are offered at our center to help improve your child’s development. Our Butterfly Learnings Kota Center is conveniently situated at Shrinath Puram, which is a popular locality in Kota, Rajasthan, making it easier for traveling.

Child Developmental Issues We Solve
at Butterfly Learnings Centers in Kota

Delayed developmental milestones in your child like sitting up or rolling over could indicate a possible abnormality in the growth and development patterns, intellectual problems, or learning disabilities in your child.

If your child has such developmental delays and they are worrying you as a parent, it is best to consult our skilled therapists at Butterfly Learnings Center to evaluate your child thoroughly, diagnose the exact problem present, and help your child overcome these challenges and shortcomings through our therapy sessions.

We use a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to treat the behavioral and developmental conditions in your child. Our intervention programs can help children of all age groups, including young infants, toddlers, older children, and even teenagers.

We believe that the earlier a child starts with interventional therapies, the better the chances of achieving optimal and long-lasting treatment results.

Some common child developmental problems that we manage at our Butterfly Learnings Center in Kota are:

Therapies Available at Our Centers

Our Butterfly Learnings Center in Kota offers all types of therapies and interventions to help children with developmental and behavioral problems manage their symptoms. We encourage these children to understand their potential and give their best.

The primary therapies offered at our center include:

Speech therapy

Our speech therapists, also called speech-language pathologists, help children with various types of speech, language, or communication problems. The speech therapy sessions are designed to help treat conditions like fluency or voice problems, stammering or stuttering, articulation issues, and swallowing and feeding issues, among others. Our intervention programs will help improve your child’s language expression, comprehension, and communication skills.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy involves various types of interventions for treating difficulties associated with sensory processing, motor skills, and performing daily activities. Our skilled occupational therapists will help your child to independently do routine daily activities like eating, bathing, and getting dressed. The sessions will also help improve your child’s fine motor skills, problem-solving ability, and attention span.

ABA therapy

Applied behavior analysis or ABA therapy enables the management of the symptoms of children suffering from autism or other challenging behavioral disorders. Our therapist will provide ABA therapy to your child on a one-on-one basis. The therapy focuses on using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviors in children and discourage negative behaviors. Additionally, it helps improve a child’s language, communication, and social skills, as well as encourages a child to perform simple tasks of daily life.

Other Notable Services at Butterfly Learnings

At Butterfly Learnings, we aim to provide all types of interventions and services to children with behavioral and developmental problems under one roof. Notable services that we offer include the following:

Developmental Pediatricians

We provide top-quality developmental-behavioral pediatrician services at our center. The developmental pediatricians work closely with the child and the child’s parents to accurately diagnose some common developmental disorders, like Autism, social interaction issues, ADHD, etc. 

Once the type of developmental disorder present is diagnosed, the developmental pediatricians will provide their expert opinion and guidance to help the child.

Some common conditions that are diagnosed and managed by our developmental pediatricians include learning disabilities, emotional outbursts, and abnormalities in the normal growth and development of the child.

Shadow teacher

We have well-trained and skilled shadow teachers at our Butterfly Learnings Center in Kota to help children with learning disabilities.

The shadow teachers help identify the type of learning disorder present in a child and use different teaching methodologies to help the child perform basic academic skills like writing and reading. 

The teaching methods are personalized by our shadow teachers according to a child’s grasping ability and learning power.

Child Psychologist

We have an experienced team of child psychologists who can help understand and provide support to children suffering from mental, behavioral, or emotional problems. Additionally, they also provide counseling and guidance to the parents of special-needs children.

Our child psychologists use child-friendly resources and methods to help in the proper evaluation and management of children with mental health issues. They also help improve the communication and social skills of such children and enable them to live an improved quality of life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA or applied behavior analysis is a one-on-one type of therapy that involves the use of positive reinforcement techniques to encourage positive behaviors in children and prevent bad behaviors. The benefits of this type of therapy are:

  • Helps control behavioral problems in children  
  • Management of autism, anger issues, and other behavioral issues in children
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves quality of life
Are behavioral disorders treatable?

No, behavioral disorders are unfortunately not treatable. However, early interventions and therapies can help manage and control the symptoms associated with behavioral disorders.

The type of therapies needed will vary depending on the type and severity of the behavioral disorder present and the overall health of the patient.

What are the causes of developmental disorders?

Developmental disorders are caused due to a combination of various genetic and environmental factors, including gene mutations, untreated illnesses (like phenylketonuria), the mother’s harmful lifestyle choices (like smoking and drinking), complications during birth or pregnancy), and exposure of pregnant mother or child to environmental toxins or infections.

How to know if my child has a behavioral disorder?

Almost all children throw tantrums of varying intensities for different reasons. If your child throws tantrums, it does not necessarily mean that your child is suffering from a behavioral disorder. 

However, if the tantrums are very frequent and high in intensity, you should get in touch with a good therapist to assess your child thoroughly and either rule out a behavioral disorder or diagnose the type of behavioral disorder that your child may be having. 

At Butterfly Learnings Center, our therapists will assess your child thoroughly. They will also discuss the child’s behavior with the child’s parents and teachers to get a proper diagnosis and help manage the child’s condition using various methods and therapies.

Why should I choose Butterfly Learnings for my child?

Butterfly Learnings is a leading and reputed chain of therapy centers across India that helps manage and treat behavioral and developmental issues in children. 

We have a vast team of skilled and expert healthcare professionals, including therapists, pediatricians, and psychologists, who are well-trained in managing all types of developmental disorders in children with utmost care and empathy.

We use child-friendly methods and resources to help promote the child’s development in a safe and comfortable environment.

Butterfly Learnings offers personalized treatment plans based on each child’s unique condition and requirements. Our therapists work in collaboration with the child’s parents to get optimal treatment outcomes.

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