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Butterfly Learnings is a developmental & behavioral solution that ensures the well-being of your child. With the help of our deep knowledge in children's development and our evidence-based methods, we aim to actively cooperate with families and start to see positive, permanent, sustainable results in shorter timelines


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Q. Does your child have difficulty making eye contact?
Q. Your child doesn’t mix with peers or children of the same age as well as adults?
Q. Your child does not respond to name?
Q. Does your child have difficulty with normal one-to-one communication or communicating requests??
Q. Does your child have repetitive bodily movements like flapping, clapping, finger wriggling, etc or repetitive vocal behaviors??
Q. Child cannot sit in one place?
Q. Does your child have difficulty understanding your commands or instructions?
Q. Child is always fidgety?
Q. Child cannot engage in one activity for long?
Q. Child gets angry and acts immediately by hitting or aggressive behaviors?
Q. Child cannot judge dangers like approaching vehicles, etc?
Q. Child has a lot of tantrums and aggressive behaviors like hitting, snatching, throwing, biting, head hitting or head banging?
Q. Child does not have tolerance for NO?
Q. Child cannot wait to get a toy or wait for his/her turn and starts showing behavior?
Q. Whenever a task given or a demand is placed, the child starts showing behaviors?
Q. Child has issues in transitioning from preferred activity like play area, mobile, TV and shows problem behaviors?
Q. Child has issues in academics?
Q. Child is having difficulty in a specific subject in school?
Q. Child disturbs others in school?
Q. Does the child have issues in schooling?


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Disclaimer : This is not a diagnosis, the above result can help you assess the risk of common development disorders.